How to Buy

Select the product that most interests you by selecting one of the Categories on the homepage. For each product you will immediately have, in addition to the image, the essential information such as price, measurements and data sheet. After choosing the product, you can contact us to purchase it by sending an email (also through the form at the bottom of the page), or by telephone:

  • Selected product.
  • Your telephone numbers.
  • Precise address and place of delivery of the product.

You will be immediately contacted by our technicians with information on costs, alternative products and any related products / services (Canadian shingles, terraces / verandas, assembly, impregnation) and delivery times.


The completion of the purchase will be through an ORDER CONFIRMATION that our Sales Department will send you via email, where you will find the order summary, including shipping costs (which will be calculated after the purchase order based on the precise weight / volume and place of destination of the product you purchased) and expenses for any optinal. All prices include VAT.


The customer, within 5 days of receipt of this ORDER CONFIRMATION must:


  1. send the signed ORDER CONFIRMATION to Casette Italia, which confirms the purchase and accepts the general conditions of sale (see the "Conditions of sale" section).
  2. correspond to the order confirmation deposit (which is defined according to the chosen product model) that is indicated in the ORDER CONFIRMATION (the value of the deposit is dependent on the specific product)

Upon receipt of both points listed above, Casette Italia will send you the counter-signed CONFIRMATION ORDER (this document confirms the acceptance of the order). The issue of the invoice / receipt will take place upon delivery and payment completed.


Standard Payment Terms

To validate the ORDER CONFIRMATION, signed and sent by the customer to Casette Italia, the customer must pay the deposit of the order indicated in the ORDER CONFIRMATION (the deposit is dependent on the specific product).


The balance must be paid at the time of delivery (in cash or by check or circular), before the driver proceeds with the unloading of the goods. For some products 100% prepayment is required.


The payment of the purchased items and the relative shipping costs must be made by the consumer as follows:


  • by bank transfer to: UNICREDIT bank - MODENA headquarters - P.ZZA GRANDE
  • IBAN: EN 77 Z 02008 12930 000104615090 - BIC / SWIFT: UNCRITM1MO0
  • Reason for transfer: "order confirmation for NAME_SURNAME"
  • Beneficiary of the transfer:  Casette Italia


Why Buy KOALA's Products

WOOD CULTURE   But also professionalism of design and seriousness to express the best way the quality of the wood material and to transform it into your living space.

SPECIALIZATION   Unique in Italy to build in an innovative and cost-efficient way with the round log blockhouse with 3D-design even for small houses and chalets. A continuous growth in production that today brings the KOALA brand to be the most sought-after, the most exclusive in Italy for wooden chalets.

HIGH QUALITY   We strictly use selected material of "Grade-A". We design internally and manufacture directly on lines in Scandinavia to ensure maximum control of the production process and of the final product. Nordic white fir wood certified CE for construction grade, certified laminated wood.

CUSTOMIZATION EACH KOALA   is an original and distinctive house because it is customised according to the customer's dreams. We design and build custom wooden houses of all kinds, from the massive classic blockhouse to the blockhouse with round lamellar logs.

COMPLETE SERVICE Complete service to the customer up to assembly and ordinary maintenance.


How to Order

We fully support via phone and email each client, architect or engineer who needs to design a tailor-made project. Our technical-commercial team will listen to your desires and technical requirements to provide the advices and recommendations. Call us or send us an email and you will be called back:  email:  - tel: 035.0667021


Our services to Architects

Our engineers collaborate in "4 hands" with industry professionals such as architects and building designers who have to build high quality buildings such as: wooden chalets, alpine huts, wooden houses, garden sheds, pool houses for their customers. A rough quoted drawing is sufficient to receive the preliminary design and the estimate of the cost of the prefabricated wood.